Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Princess' Welcome To England, 1689

We've dealt with boobs before on lolmanuscripts, but I felt like they needed to make a comeback. Mary looks like she got some bad plastic surgery, though.

I see a sexy calendar in the making! Except instead of hanging on the walls of a Jiffy Lube, my "Naughty Ladies of the 17th century" publication will decorate the interiors of Renaissance departments across the land, thus making it the saddest porn ever created. Umm...Happy Valentine's Day?


danielle said...

I'm digging the weird cleavage. ANd the right shoulder boob. Hott!

Doug said...

Wow, this is the perfect follow-up to "Rochester Through the Ages." I think these 17th century illustrations have real potential to make for one hot calendar.
Also, the term "Dutch cousin" sounds kind of sexual to me (besides just the semi-incestuous aspect of it). I kind of feel like if you put "Dutch" in front of most anything it makes it sound sexual and/or gross. "Mary and I have a date tonight. I'm kind of hoping we'll go Dutch treat." "On the second date? What a whore."

Sarah Redmond said...

"Dutch" was sexual in the 17th century. Remember how many times Middleton wrote about "Dutch Widows," which was slang for prostitute?

You know, I should have sent this to Meghan so she could have given it to you for a super-sexy Valentine's Day card. Darn. And for the record, I think that "Dutch Treat" would involve lecherous uses of Haagen Dazs.