Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Lamenting Lady, c. 1620

Full Title:

"The Lamenting Lady, Who for the wrongs done to her by a poore woman, for hauing two children at one burthen, was by the hand of God most strangely punished, by sending her as many children at one birth, as there are daies in the yeare, in remembrance whereof, there is now a monument builded in the Citty of Lowdon, as many English men now liuing in Lowdon, can truely testifie the same and hath seene it"

That's right -- if you're mean to and/or belittle a woman for having twins, God will punish you with a plague of babies. Not laughing now, are you?


Doug said...

Well, I must admit that having 365 babies at once would probably suck, but just imagine the show they would have about you on Discovery/A+E/Lifetime. All of the wacky adventures you ran into raising 12 platoons of children would be documented, and they'd probably help out with the expenses. I bet you could get Extreme Home Makeover to show up, tear down your old home, and construct a Xanadu-like palace to house the entire plague of offspring (not to mention getting a sweet trip to a Disneyland resort in the process).

Sarah Redmond said...

Stop bringing up Xanadu. Also, I don't think Extreme Home Makeover will give you a new house unless all of your 365 children had some disease that make them allergic to sunlight or water or air or whatever ridiculous illnesses those kids always have.