Thursday, February 28, 2008

The true report of the forme and shape of a monstrous childe, 1562

Another monstrous birth, because I love them and they're all over EEBO. I had a public service announcement poster in mind for this one, so I decided to make it flashy and colorful. I will note that this little fella looks mysteriously like a Thalidomide baby.

I think there would be less fetal alcohol syndrome if the Surgeon General used illustrations like this. Here's a poorly photoshopped version of that future:


Meghan said...

I want that pack of cigs for my birthday. Thank you.

Doug said...

Not only does that look like a Thalidomide baby, what I find perhaps even more suspicious is that this print was part of the larger Renaissance manuscript, "The true report of the fyre, that same one which we did not starte"

And yes, Sarah, you're only getting about $75 worth of Photoshop. You need to open it up a little and at least get about $250 worth.

Sarah Redmond said...

NO BILLY JOEL! Even though that is how I first heard about "Babies of Thalidomide."

That song really sucks.