Friday, February 1, 2008

70s Rochester!

Part II of "Rochester through the ages":

70s Rochester was super glam! I think he would have been best friends with Glam Oscar Wilde. They would have gone to Studio 54 all the time, hanging out in the VIP Room exploring their sexualities and doing coke off of hookers. 70s Rochester would probably wear roller skates all the time, too. Funkadelic!


Doug said...

Was Glam Rochester possibly in "Xanadu"?
Did Kubla Khan actually decree a stately roller-disco?
Is Glam Rochester actually a roller-skate-wearing demon lover?

Have you ever noticed that in the actual poem "demon-lover" is hyphenated? Maybe that woman in Xanadu is actually wailing for a perfectly normal man, except for the fact that he's like, "Sorry babe, I'm only into demons. If you ever grow cloven hooves and find yourself with a bright red ass we can talk, but I honestly only get turned on by Satan's minions."

Sarah Redmond said...

Stop bringing Colerige into this. Besides, "Christabel" blows "Kubla Khan" out of the water.

Was the movie related to the poem at all? I never saw it, but it was about a rollerskating princess or something, right? There should be a skating rink called the "pleasure dome" somewhere, and no one would get the ridiculous reference.