Saturday, February 9, 2008

Future Rochester!

Part IV of "Rochester Through the Ages":

The Year 3000: Life on Earth has taken a turn for the worse, so Future Rochester makes an escape to his Moon colonies. As the world he once knew is destroyed, Rochester takes it upon himself to begin repopulating the human race.

He finally starts writing racy poetry again, but this time it's full of puns about "black holes." Civilization is saved, but Rochester's wanderlust gets the better of him. Determined to reach the edges of the universe in order to discover the ever-elusive fifth dimension, Rochester leaves the moon behind to travel further and further into the great unkown. What adventures will the future contain? To know this is even beyond his own powers. Godspeed, Rochester. Godspeed.

Thus concludeth "Rochester Through the Ages." (Is is just me, or have I come dangerously close to Rochester-inspired fan fiction? )


Doug said...

I think future Rochester would especially appreciate the "space docking" scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey, since it seems the apocalypse has given him at least enough appreciation for innuendo to employ a sexual pun every now and then.
"Rochester Through the Ages" has been truly fantastic. I could definitely see some Rochester fan fiction springing up on the internet, although it would most likely be relegated to smutty chat rooms...I'm sure Rochester would expect nothing less.

Sarah Redmond said...

Now that I've posted this, I've come up with numerous post-apocalyptic Rochester fan fiction. The most recent: Global warming reaches such an extreme that all of Earth is reduced to swampland. Malaria becomes a real problem for the population, but it cures Rochester of his syphilis! Everyone else dies of malaria except Rochester and other slutty syphilitics. A new age dawns.