Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Answer to the London lasses folly: or, The new-found father discoverd at the camp, 1685

a.k.a. The Sexiest Lol Manuscript ever!

The Sexy Backstory:
This entire ballad is centered around a "London Lass" who finds herself pregnant. Each stanza is her talking about some dude she slept with as she tries to figure out who knocked her up. She was kind of a giant slut, because she goes through all of these men, and each stanza ends with some version of the line "I thought he was the father."

But all is well, because while pregnant she wanders into a military camp, and she sees a soldier who she thinks would make a good father and pretty much tells him he has to marry her. So he does, and everyone lives happily ever after. Inspiring.

A Note on Nudity:
Lol Manuscripts officially condones nudity if it's tasteful and artistic. I would also add that Woodcut representations of boobs are pretty hot. Sex has always sold, I guess, but I really like the idea that this particular broadside was hidden beneath some 17th century adolescent boy's mattress and got him through some confusing times.


danielle said...

My favorite part is the subtlety of "Dear Penthouse."

Doug said...

I think this LOL Manuscripts should appear in pop-ups and spam mails in order to encourage membership. Doll should have a MySpace page and friend people, telling them "OMG You wouldn't believe the crazy pics my friend Sarah posted of me! I thought my naughty trip to the military camp was a secret but it ended up on LOL Manuscripts! (<--- this would be hyperlinked)

Anonymous said...

This site is the best thing the internet has brought me in many moons.