Friday, November 16, 2007

The beginning and endynge of all popery, or popishe kyngedome, 1548

This pamphlet (by Walter Lynne) is actually full of weird images of the pope paired with animals. I think I might use it again. Here's the caption above the image:

"The Pope thrusteth the lamb through with his sword. And therefore giveth him the Devil the keys, that is, power and might."

I like how the pope just can't seem to commit all the sins at once. I mean, he only has two hands! He has to juggle blighting the harvest and killing a lamb and giving his power over to the devil...he's obviously taken on too much at once. Christianity wasn't destroyed in a day! It takes many many centuries of corruption and deception. Pace yourself, little guy!

I also can't help thinking this is some sort of depraved sex act. I think it's the sword hilt /ball gag situation. As an isolated incident it might be okay, but coupled with that sheep...


Doug said...

This is sort of an ironic image because it kind of reminds me of Rev. 2:15-16 which talks about the evils of following the Nicolaitans, who many thought were behind the development of the priest/laity binary in Christianity, and then enjoins them to repent or else God will fight against them with "the sword of my mouth", although here that seems to be inverted.

Uhhh...sorry. *sigh*

I'll go back to learning about Contracts now.

Sarah Redmond said...


I'm so sorry you know that. I think if you ever leave law school you have a career as the preeminent scholar of 16th and 17th century invectives against the clergy.