Thursday, November 29, 2007

Behold Rome's monster on his monstrous beast! 1643

Urban VIII know how to fucking roll! Compare the 1643 version to the notably less terrifying popemobiles of today:

Lame. I definitely prefer the seven-headed beast.


danielle said...

I particularly like how the seven-headed beast (the same from Revelation Doug?) also walks on stilts. That's one well-trained seven-head beast.

Doug said...

Did anyone else notice that the beast is actually shitting out those relics and decrees into the waiting cups of the bishops, jesuits, and friars?
I don't remember that part being in Revelation.

It actually reminds me a lot of a disturbing internet video I recently saw which, oddly enough, John Mayer chooses to spoof here:
Someone needs to remind him that not ALL of your body is a wonderland.

Sarah Redmond said...

The pope sort of reminds me of Friar Tuck. I think its the barrel and his carefree, slightly drunken posture. It sort of looks like he's having a good time on his beast. Then again, I bet Benedict was pretty stoked about getting in his popemobile for the first time.

And I'm trying to come up with a symbolic reason for the stilts...I've got nothing.

danielle said...

Maybe the stilts were so he could survey his conquerings better?

Meghan said...

Meghan said...

(oops, this post was accidentally deleted above...)

I think you’re right Danielle, it’s as simple as that: the “stylts” are “to raise him up aloft, in supreame Seate / Like Saturnes Sonne, ruling all Princes great.”

I mean, the dude can't have his beastmobile cruising around at the same height as everyone else. That's why I feel better than everyone else when I'm in my Hummer... or my Monster Truck. (Which, this is sort of a literal precursor to, isn't it?)

Doug said...

NOW who has to stop punning?

Meghan said...

Can I break up with Doug through LOLcomments?

Cause I am.

Thanks for the venue, Sarah.

Doug said...

Finally! Wow, that was less awkward that I imagined it would be. Still, there is the issue of the living situation.

Have you ever read "Babylon Revisited"? Let's just say that when we go out drinking tonight you should probably opt for the heavy coat.