Saturday, December 1, 2007

John Seller's The History of England, 1696

Seller was one of the first great English mapmakers, and one of the first to publish and sell his maps. He's most famous for nautical charts and navigational aides. I think that this map, however, accurately captures a specific topography of 17th century England. And yes, that's the killer rabbit from "Monty Python's Holy Grail." Thanks, Doug.

I should point out that "murther" encompasses all forms, including stabbing, smothering, kissing a poisoned portrait of your husband, or having flaming gold thrown on you .


Meghan said...

I'm printing this out and hanging it in my office. Oddly, it cheers me up.

Sarah Redmond said...

Doesn't it? I almost put "having rabbit babies" in there somewhere, but that's a bit later, and I think Toft ended up dying of some sort of infection anyway.

danielle said...

I can't decide which way of dying is my favorite. Maybe "Kicked by a Cow" or "Stupid Welsh Accent." "Drowning" is a top contender as well. Simplistic and appropriately positioned over the water area.

I think that I'll copy Meghan and print it out to hang in my cubicle. I'll put it near one of my Napoleon postcards.

People at the DOE will think I'm odd. But no one other than Susie comes in my cubicle anyways.

Doug said...