Monday, December 17, 2007

The Method of Curing Wounds, 1617

Ambrose Pare was a famous surgeon in the 16th century. I don't know if he was any good, because it seems that his method of "curing wounds made by gun-shot...arrows and darts" is to stab the patient with even more arrows and darts and swords and knives. Then again, maybe shit like this just happened in the 17th century. There you are taking a leisurely nude stroll, and bam! You've been stabbed 20 times. I almost called this "Early Modern Acupuncture," but I sort of like the Public Service Announcement feel -- spreading the message of Tetanus vaccinations is important . I dream of it turning into an ad campaign; posters hanging in city buses, subway stations, and health department walls, next to less imperative messages about Hepatitis or HIV testing.

I had to get a Tetanus shot a few months ago, and it sort of hurt for a few days, but I imagine it didn't hurt as much as getting Lockjaw.

LOL Manuscripts cares about your health! Have YOU had your Tetanus shot this year? Don't wait--Vaccinate!


danielle said...

Once again, I am going to print this out and hang it in my cubicle--next to my "A New Map of Ways to Die in England." They're going to think I have a weird obsession with death.

Yet to make it to the cubicle wall: the Married to the Sea comic with the skeleton in the coffin, beautifully captioned "Fuck! I'm totally glad I went to college," which came from you and was my gateway into the workd of Drew and Natalie webcomics.

Doug said...

This kind of reminds me of a new series of Canadian public service announcements aimed at preventing accidents (yes, accidents), aptly titled: Prevent It!

You make think Canadians are a bunch of pot-smoking hippies, but apparently their government sponsored filmmakers take more of a make-the-trains-run-on-time approach to public safety:

I'm also thinking this illustration would be perfect on the cover of my Torts textbook. If I tried hard enough, I could probably find a case where someone was simultaneously beaten in the arm with a hammer, blinded by a knife, and uhhh...had his leg attacked by a miniature octopus.

Sarah Redmond said...

That workplace accident psa was terrifying! At least we won't be in that position. I'll maybe get carpel tunnel from blogging and writing essays, and you'll...well, actually Doug, you might get shot by a disgruntled former client one day. But at least that won't involve boiling oil...

Poor Pothecary said...

Obligatory popular culture connection: this is the picture in Hannibal Lecter's office that led to his capture, mentioned in Red Dragon, when Will Graham recognised it as the wound pattern on Lecter's sixth victim. I see someone has done an equivalent Wound cat.