Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It's been a long semester of studying the Renaissance, and LOL Manuscripts has made a name for itself as mildly humorous amongst a small and specialized audience. But as it is the season of Baby Jesus' birthday, there are parents to visit that still have dial up internet. That said, LOL Manuscripts will go into hibernation for the next few weeks of winter, much like the mighty Grizzly Bear.

To satisfy all our desires for captioning, I will direct you to the weekly New Yorker Caption Contest! It's no 17th century woodcut, but it'll do. Below is last weeks contest's image. As a captioner of early modern works, I must admit I am stumped. I can't think of anything but jokes about King James or how evil the papacy is or abortions, which is pretty much my bread and butter for this site. Anyway, here's my attempt:

"Help, I'm trapped in a Piet Mondrian painting! Oh no! How on earth could a thing like this happen? I am frightened and confused!"

Doug pointed out that a pun on "Mondrian" or "De Stijl" is sort of impossible. Or is it? I was talking to Katie once about that Tracy Chevalier art history romance novel/film Girl with the Pearl Earring, which chronicles the sexy sexy history behind the famous Vermeer painting of the same name. She suggested that someone should write a novel on the erotic backstory behind Mondrian's work. I can imagine the enigmatic and tragic romance that inspired Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue.

Anyway, I'm going to try to win the New Yorker Caption Contest, and then I'll become famous for my captioning abilities and become a millionaire and heal the world with my jokes about preventable diseases and 17th century politics and the pope.

Marmaduke Explained is a pretty funny blog to, if you like Marmaduke cartoons explained to you. Have a nice break, everybody.


Doug said...

Delores gazed at the disembodied head, transfixed by the horror of what lay before her. Suddenly it opened its mouth and what began as an exhale, nothing more than a whisper, became increasingly louder until the piercing, eldritch cry filled the Metropolitan and reached a crescendo. Delores could not help but feel the sad tale of the unwholesome thing's life in its neoplasticist purgatory echoing in her mind.

Suddenly, she whirled around and..."David Blaine? What on earth on are you doing...? Oh David Blaine, why I could just...oh come here you little trickster!"

ktburgess said...

The soundtrack for that movie could include "In De Stijl of De Night." yuk yuk yuk...

ktburgess said...

the movie based on the Mondrian novel, that is