Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some passages of the life and death of the Right Honourable John Earl of Rochester, 1693

by Gilbert Burnet

John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester: Disturbing, Disgusting, or Awesome? I still can't decide.

My favoirte story about the Earl of Rochester is that he once claimed that he was drunk for five years straight. What a cad! Also, Johnny Depp played him in a movie, so you know he's important.

In addition to his bawdy and kinda gross verse, he often angered the King and was occasionally exiled from court. To make money, he once advertised himself as Dr. Alexander Bendo, a quack physician who had a great cure for "barrenness (proceeding from any accidental cause, as it often falls out, and no natural defect; for nature is easily assisted)... Cures of this kind I have done signal and many, for the which I doubt not but I have the good wishes and hearty prayers of many families, who had else pin'd out their days under the deplorable and reproachful misfortunes of barren wombs, leaving plentiful estates and possessions to be inherited by strangers." [source] I wonder how he cured so many infertile women? Wilmot died of complications from alcoholism and syphilis in his early thirties.

Let's do one more LOL Rochester:

(Maybe it should have read "Mah Syphilis: Let me show you it.")


Doug said...

It's really no wonder he came down with V.D. Have you seen the kind of girls that come from Rochester?

*checks to make sure house is still empty*

I mean, seriously, they're common tramps!

John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester said...

Actually, I sort of liked tramps. Elizabeth Barry was a tramp.

Meghan said...

Doug's comment is a dig at me, in case any one is confused. I was born in Rochester.

Really Doug, your jokes shouldn't be so obscure that people need to seek out additional info (or worse, that your targets need to volunteer the clarifying context). :P

And thanks, J.W.. We tramps really like(d) you too.