Friday, November 23, 2007

A Dog's Elegy, or, Rupert's Tears, 1644

Cassidy did another one!:

Apparently Prince Rupert had a magic devil-dog named Boy, who seems to be a 17th century version of Cujo.

(P.S. -- Cassidy can never do any lolmanuscripts ever again. One was bad enough, but this one is too good.)


Doug said...


Now normally I'd be concerned that they were just washing the dog and not ensuring that he reached an internal temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, but the dog in this illustration looks like he's well done. All I'm saying is that they're gonna need some gravy.

I also like that a soldier "skilled in Necromancy" presumably summoned a demon from hell in order to kill a dog with an uncreative name. Seriously, if I was Alexander Earl of Leven, I'd tell the necromancer to focus his demonic hordes on Rupert and his army while I personally handled the slaying of any stray pets.

All-in-all, this is another excellent lolmanuscript by Cassidy.

Sarah Redmond said...

Don't encourage her. This image was stolen after she found my lol manuscript files on my computer. Can't I take some sort of legal action?

And I really have no idea what this manuscript or picture is all about. Who is that old lady? Is she the witch/necromancer? Or is it the dog that is skilled in necromancy?

PS -- Upon further research, I've discovered that Boy was a poodle. Apparently there were other roundhead satirical pamphlet's about him. I don't think he's made his final appearance on lol manuscripts.

Cassidy said...

Why thank you all my adoring fans,
if i visit Sarah in Massachucetts sometime in the future, then I will try to please my followers and create and requisite my LOL manuscripts. I will also try my hardest to obtrude Sarah's penetralia and make some more recherchè drawings soon this summer in Destin.
(yes, Doug see I can use big, fancy words to so HA!...not such a big shot now, huh?)
Mister Big, Fancy, college education!
(and i did not use!

Sarah Redmond said...

I don't think you should say things about "obtruding" someone's "penetralia." Them's fightin' words.

A thesaurus is a dangerous thing, but spellcheck is beautiful. And you're not allowed to make any more lolmanuscripts ever again. I am threatened by your satirical prowess.

Deidre said...

What a spantastically good idea for a blog. I'm speechless, and that's almost an impossible feat. Good job, Sarah!

Doug said...

Clearly I have been served.

But at least I haven't been served burnt dog.

Cassidy said...

thats what i do. I serve it up with a big heaping plate of baked beans. oh yeah, they're delicious. and I serve it up just like a volleyball player.

Anonymous said...

We named our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel after him (Rupert that is) :) I'd never seen this. I'm going to digitize it for an XML project (it's in EEBO). Thanks for finding it!