Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The beginning and endynge of all popery, or popishe kyngedome, 1548

We at LOL Manuscripts are happy to have a special guest blogger with us an unofficial Blog-Off!!! My 13 year old cousin and blogging protégé, Cassidy, is a fan of LOL Manuscripts, and her visit coincided with my latest post. I had the image open when she leap'd into my seat and began typing away. I only gave her the seed of my idea, that the Pope is having a secret rendezvous in the woods with the demon.

Below are two versions of the same image: The first by Cassidy, the second by the experienced blogger. The worst part is that hers is sort of better. I have wasted my life. A younger generation has usurped me. Although hers is a little wordy, the spirit of LOL Manuscripts is there in full force. I like her explanatory paragraph off to the right, just in case you couldn't figure out what was going on. My favorite line is about the "special pope-only courtyard":

While mine is pretty funny, I think the humor is mainly derived from the word "snickerdoodle," which is a very funny word.

Hers is better. Dammit.


Doug said...

I have to agree that "pope-only courtyard" is pretty good. Don't be too hard on yourself, Sarah; this younger generation has been weaned on lolish memes and all forms of internet detritus--our attempts to appropriate their culture are really quaint at best.

And yes, "Snickerdoodle" is a pretty funny word.

Meghan said...

I like Cassidy's play on "sexy beast."

Sarah, this doesn't mean you've lost; you're merely grooming a new line of bloggers to carry on the grand tradition after you're gone (or studying for your prelims). Tell Katie she needs to take on a ward immediately and start teaching the young lad how to photoshop.

(Note-- what do we call this genre of blogs, a la LOLManuscripts and Literary Makeovers-- "Lit Wit"?)

Sarah Redmond said...

"Lit Wit"! Yes!!