Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The French Monstrous Beast, 1692

I only know one French sentence: "Ou est la bibliotheque?" That's always the very first sentence they teach you in a foreign language...I guess so if you can't communicate, you can go learn how in the library. I will say that the French monstrous beast is not quite as scary as Rome's monstrous beast, as far as monstrous beasts go.

Also, you should check out this makeover of Thomas Wyatt.


Doug said...

French beast knows that a little wine and a lot of discipline is the best way to make Jerry Lewis confess. I like to imagine that the confession is, "I don't give a damn about Muscular Dystrophy, I just like being on television for an entire day."

Have you ever seen David Lynch's short film "The Cowboy and the Frenchman?" It's 15 minutes of French stereotype hilarity.

Sarah Redmond said...

I haven't seen the Lynch sort...but is it really "funny" or is there a slow motion rape scene set to Roy Orbison that you aren't telling me about?

I always through this French gag was pretty great:


rob said...

This makes me almost as happy as "one egg is un oeuf"

Anonymous said...

this one is a classic too:


Natalie said...

My friend's just posted me a link to this website, and although its all pretty awesome, I have to say that I've rather taken a fancy to this French beast. My academic obsession is French medicine in the early modern period, and I'd swear that this jolie bĂȘte has the charming expression of my Louis XIV...

...also, thank you for proving to me that EEBO is fun. Oh, the boredoms I have experienced on that website so far!

Natalie xxx