Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Ages of Sin, 1635

Turtles will give you salmonella. It has been proven. Do not touch them. Ever.

Anyway, The Ages of Sin pairs certain (non-deadly, as far as I can tell) sins with an illustrative metaphorical image and explanation. Something about this one spoke to me, maybe because I do think turtles are like walking buckets of disease, maybe because I like that the man seems to have a deep-seated vendetta against them, and maybe because this very scene has most likely been played out many a time, "'cause turtles is goooood eatin'. "

In other news, Seamus Heaney got my special treatment over at Literary Makeovers!!!


danielle said...

No wonder you made your mom pick up that dead turtle so you could have its shell.

Doug said...

I like that the author/illustrator chose a tortoise shell to represent the quality of being obdurate because, no matter how hard you bash into that thing with an enormous scimitar, it just won't break.

I would make the opposite page an illustration of Gallagher, about to hit a rabbit with an enormous hammer. I think that would really drive home the proper attitude one should take towards sin, because everyone knows you don't want to sit in the front row on rabbit night.