Sunday, March 23, 2008

Samuel Peeps, 2008

Yet another amazing photoshop job, just in time for Easter! I think it may be some of my best work. At least this might remind people how to pronounce "Pepys" correctly.
A page from the Diary of Samuel Peeps:

22 March:

Today encountered terrible traffic at the assembly line, where many a candy rudely shoved me aside to pass. My Lord Cadbury arrived with his carriage, and we to his house to assist him in some matters of business. God help him! never man was so confounded, as all his concerns lie with his sales figures. I fear, however, that his melancholy stems from his status as an individually-wrapped confection, whilst I lay in a row with my wife and fellows. I perceive he envies me in it, but I think that will do me no hurt, so if it did I am at a great loss to think whether it were not best for me to let it wholly alone, for it will much disquiet me and my business of marshmallow-y deliciousness.

Thence from Cadbury's to sup with my wife. After dinner and doing some things in my closet (as noble a closet as any man hath), I with my wife to the playhouse to see a revival of Il Piccolo Joust di Peep, which pleased me mightily, although my wife displayed some snappishness due to my diversions with a few tasty-looking ladies sitting nearby. However, chatting a great while afterwards, good friends again.

Tonight, then, to the Easter Basket.
(I'm kind of an idiot.)


Meghan said...

Ok, this one is just ridiculous. I can't even read the explication below the image, because I'm laughing so hard... seriously, RIDICULOUS.

Sarah Redmond said...

If by "ridiculous" you mean "a testament to skill, wit, and artistry" then I would have to agree.

(Seriously, I may have hit an all-time low point in lol manuscripts with the trifecta of bad pun, bad photoshopping, and holiday theme...I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself).

Doug said...


Doug said...

Also, there is a new browser-based version of Photoshop that's free to use--and actually put out by Adobe!