Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deliciæ Musicæ, 1696

Daniel Purcell was the younger and less significant brother of Henry Purcell. Daniel composed for the theaters, and the play this mentions, The Indian Queen, is pretty interesting. It was partially written by John Dryden, and is about the conflicts between the ruling houses of the Incas and the Aztecs. It was expanded with music 30 years after it's original production in 1664, becoming something more like an opera.

I like to think the brothers had a feud not unlike Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks. Case in point: Henry wrote most of the music for The Indian Queen, but he died (in 1695) and the theater hired Daniel to finish the score in his place. Daniel's fifth-act music probably sort of sucked compared to big bro's, and I imagine that it dawned on him that he only got the gig because of the family connection. His big break again overshadowed by Henry, even in death. Maybe Daniel was the self-destructive alter-ego of Henry, and they hated each other because in some backwards way, they needed each other to be complete. Tragic! Also, completely speculative. It would be terrific if it was true, though. (And I am aware that no amount of historical background or invented psychological complexity can detract from a Vanilla Ice reference. I apologize.)


danielle said...

Awesome (said with a sing-song lilt or some shit like that). Cause that is the newest and best song.

danielle said...

I was googling your blog so I could print out more LOL Manuscripts! for my cubicle when I came across this:


and (you have to scroll down on this one, and look for your name)


I think your little blog is becoming a bit famous...

Sarah Redmond said...

I'm famous! Actually, I do google lol manuscripts (and myself) occasionally and have seen those. It's only a matter of time before I'll have to wear sunglasses and hats all the time in public. People will call out, "Sarah! Please autograph my copy of the _The Collected Middleton_! Photoshop me into a picture of the Earl of Rochester! Sign this waiver so that I can get your memento mori tattooed on my lower back!"

Meghan said...

Wait-- I needed a waiver to get that tattoo? Shit.

So sue me. My boyfriend's a lawyer.

(And I'm getting one done of your early modern surgeon-general's warning too, if that's cool).

Poetically Challenged said...

Please leave your professional comment on the following:
The Song of Spring

The warm sun upon my face,
Caresses it with beauty and grace.
Blooming tulips from the ground,
Astound me without a sound.
Crack,Crack, a chick is hatched,
New life springs forth with hope unmatched.
Days grow longer, spitits soar,
As the song of spring promises more.
A note : It took 3 people to accomplish the assignment.

Sarah Redmond said...

It is a good poem because it rhymes.

It is a bad poem because it is not in ottava rima.

Also, you should translate the title into Latin so that you'll look smart. "Carmen Veris" sounds much more intimidating than "song of spring," and will impress everyone greatly.

Also, this:

Doug said...

Actually, I have to call dibs on being legal counsel for LOL Manuscripts. The popularity of this website is growing exponentially; I'm excited about the prospect of litigating the unlicensed tattoo cases alone.

So I'm gonna need you to cease and desist that theft of our intellectual property, Meghan.

Meghan said...

Grr. LOLManuscripts, you just caused me to break up with Doug AGAIN!