Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Plantarum historiae universalis Oxoniensis, 1680

Botany can be fun! This is from a book on plant life in England by Robert Morison, early modern drug czar.

I don't know how I feel about Latin jokes and puns, but I made one anyway. Actually, I do know how I feel about them . . . I feel terrible.


Doug said...

Fragaria Sylvestris is the dank shit. I bet early modern Doug would probably sit around all day playing Immortal Soul Combat, pimpin' like a ratcatcher, and rolling in an Urban VIII-style ride, all while blasting some Pac[helbel].

Sarah Redmond said...

I'm am making it a top priority to find an illustration of "early modern Doug." I searched the term "badass gangsta muthafucka" in EEBO, but nothing came up!(?) Maybe I'll try "baddasse gangsteer Mother-Fckur" to see if I'll have any luck...sometimes the spellings will get you.