Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Witch of Edmonton, 1658

Witches again! It's almost Halloween after all...and I have a pretty scary one for the actual big day. Here's a manuscript with Elizabeth Sawyer and her familiar, Tom the dog. I sort of like the idea that they were going to kill someone (his name is "Cuddy Banks," it's not the name of the actual bank. Either way, I like it), but then have a sort of change of heart. Still, neither one of them actually wants to get in the river to do the saving. Standoff.


Doug said...

So this witch has magical powers that allow her to throw a guy in a river.

If he's standing near a river.

And she's standing near him.

See, that's just not magic. That's something a stronger man could accomplish with his bare hands.

MAGIC would be if the witch somehow got that guy pregnant...and then gave him an abortion.
Manbortions are magical.

Sarah Redmond said...

Manbortions ARE magical!