Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This Horyble Monster, 1531

Halloween Scariness: The Tale of the Monstrous German Double Pig, or, Everyone in our Village is Going to Hell.

Here's the text that appears in the center of the image. Read at your own peril!

This horyble monster is cast of a sowe in Eestlande in Pruse two myle from Runyngbergh in a vyllage which is called lebe[n]hayn whiche monster hathe had a great wyde mouth, with two eyen, foure eares, no stomacke nor guttes [and] two hertes, viii. fete, and the body was growe[n] togyther from the nauyll vp to the hede, [and] with thys foresayde monster were broughte forth. v. yonge pygges alyue, and these two fygures be cou[n]terfeyted after the facyon of the sayd monster both before and behynde. The yere of our lorde. 1531 [Germany]

Those Germans know how to have a monstrous birth! Although I'm a bit disappointed that no rationale for the monster's existence is provided, I think my approximation is pretty close to what really caused the 2-in-1 piglet. Who wants bacon?


Doug said...

I hereby award Sarah Redmond the Hattaway Pun-of-the-Year award for her use of "beast with two backs."


I was not just amused when I read that pun, I was also moved and inspired.

Additionally, I would like to add that this is an incredibly appropriate Halloween edition of Lol Manuscripts. I can't wait to print up an enormous copy of this and show it to any trick-or-treaters who come by my house tonight.

Sarah Redmond said...

A Doug-approved pun is fantastic, but I think you deserve the Portmanteau-of-the-year award for coining the word "Manbortion."