Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fragmenta regalia, or, Observations on the late Queen Elizabeth, 1653

I just saw Elizabeth: The Golden Years. It wasn't bad, but for some reason Sir Walter Raleigh is played as a swashbuckling superhero who single-handedly defeats the Spanish Armada (well, him and a terrible storm...but it was definitely mostly just him). Anyway, Clive Owen was pretty foxy, and the film was visually stunning, but sort of strange in its portrayal of some of the other historical figures. Philip of Spain was just plain weird. I do think Raleigh (and Dudley and Essex) would have liked this image, though.

Do I sense a booming t-shirt enterprise? I think "VQILF" and Guy Fawkes' "Mustache Rides 10 cents" puts an awesome early modern spin on some 20th century creepy t-shirt classics.


danielle said...

I foresee a Cafe Press store in the near future.

Cause I'd wear that.

Doug said...

I'm not sure the Ohio t-shirt market could tolerate even that level of subtlety. For example: one popular game day t-shirt around here reads, "Ann Arbor is a Whore." That's it.

Although, in all fairness, perhaps the t-shirt is suggesting an allegorical "Whore of Ann Arbor" which feasts on the blood of saints and Buckeyes.

Stacey said...

no, doug. You don't understand. ann arbor IS a whore. it's in the bible.

Anonymous said...

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