Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Myrrour of the Chyrche, 1527

This is an early Renaissance printing of the writings of St. Edmund of Abingdon, 13th century Archbishop of Canterbury. Since it's Catholic, much of the writing is about how bad hell will be for us all. Oh well! I did a throwback to my days of lolcat gags for this woodcut illustrating what's going to happen to all us sinners when we're damned.

I like the animal-demons a lot, athough it would probably be pretty terrifying to be fed to a giant bulldog by an anthropomorphized cockatoo.


Doug said...

This is the circle of hell where the promiscuous are punished.

In hell they are tortured by a cockatoo, because in life they...made bad puns.

Sarah Redmond said...

Well then I guess I'll see you there. But I think the Cockatoo pun might have redeemed you, because Jesus did enjoy punishing people in a way that literalized there sin. Punning male homosexuals, see into your afterlife!

I was going to make a joke about avian flu or something but it wasn't working out. Alright, it wasn't a joke, it was a pun.