Thursday, January 29, 2009

President Rochester, 2009

President Wilmot would probably spend all our tax money on booze and hookers, but that's not too far removed from what most politicians do anyway. In fact, I think he'd have to come up with some new deplorable behaviors to even register on the CNN ticker...maybe like texting sexual messages to his young male intern while doing crystal meth and auto-erotically asphixiating himself in an airport bathroom as he waits to sell senate seats on the black market.

I don't even know what's scandalous anymore. In the 17th century all you had to do was write a funny epigram.


Doug said...

I think under Wilmot's administration we would see a lot of creative vice-based economic measures (a tax credit for the purchase of Fleshlights, perhaps?) and the economy would be saved.
Also, I don't think we have enough auto-erotic asphyxiation political scandals.

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