Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ouer-throw of an Irish rebell, 1608

If there was ever a contest for "most pwned race in history," I think the Irish might win.

This pamphlet tells the story of Sir Cahir O'Doughterty, an Irish lord who resisted the English presence in Ireland. O'Dougherty is offended when George Paulett, the English Governor of Derry, punches him in the face and threatens him with a death sentence. So O'Dougherty sneaks into Derry, kills Paulett and almost everybody else, and destroys the settlement. Then he marches with rebel forces to a few more English plantations and fortresses and burns them down in a fairly rash and unorganized rebellion. Finally, he gets shot, and the English stick his head on a pike. The End.


Doug said...

Newgate prison in Dublin looks suspiciously like a church or a barrel storage facility. I guess you've got plenty of room to store barrels in your prison when you simply decapitate the prisoners and put them on the handy roof pikes.
Also, the Irish weren't even allowed to name their own prison.

Sarah Redmond said...

Maybe in their spare time, the prison guards really liked to go over waterfalls.