Thursday, January 29, 2009

Internet Rochester, 2009

Internet Fad Rochester
Build your own Blingee

YES! This is the best picture ever.

Awhile ago I started a series called Rochester Through the Ages, but this trumps it. Big time. It was so fun that I'm going to start another series in which Rochester embodies abstract ideas or states of being, but for now I think we should just enjoy this. Needless to say Internet Rochester would have the blingest myspace page ever.


Doug said...

You thought you were going to load Internet Rochester's MySpace page? Internet Rochester's MySpace page will blow your computer up.

Sarah Redmond said...

Holy crap -- He really does have a myspace page:

It's pretty good, but I think it needs more gif animations and obnoxious backgrounds and playlists and movie clips and photo albums and hearts and stars and sparkles (the sparkles, obviously, representing syphilis). How is he supposed to be an internet predator without them?

Mickelodeon said...

*snort* I don't know who this guy is, but if he was on Facebook, I'd so totally friend him.