Monday, September 22, 2008

He[re] Begynneth an Interlocucyon, with an argument, betwyxt man and woman, 1525

Even monks think so. That's why they illuminated their copies of ancient texts with sexy pictures.


Doug said...

It's an LOLReturn!!!1!

Doug said...

That monk isn't going to be bored anymore when he realizes he's got a Wii remote sitting on the desk right next to him. That shit is FUN.

I'd also like to add that after LOL Manuscripts was abandoned for three months it took me a little less than half an hour to discover a new post had been made. That's kind of a sad comment on how often I check this blog, even when it's on hiatus.

Anita said...

Right there with you, doug.

cassidy and brenda said...

lol manuscripts is back!!!!

chantix said...

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Doug said...

Man, it's weird how Chantix came in here and started giving completely mixed reviews about itself.
Then I saw the website, which offered up this gem: "Chantix is the new kid on the block, outsmarting the old fag nicotine addiction, with its bag of tricks."
There's an NKOTB joke in there that I'm just not willing to make.

Anonymous said...

Found this same print in "The dyctes and the sayenges of the philosophers other wyse called Dicta philosophorum" 1528
Title page. YAY!