Friday, October 3, 2008

Certaine Prophesies presented before the Kings Majesty, 1642

I'm pretty sure the prophesies concerning "The University" go something like, "Your advanced degree shall be utterly useless very soon."

Also, I was unaware that Trinity College in the University of Cambridge offered a degree in Prophesizing and Prognosticating. Now that's something useful.


Doug said...

It's one thing if Cambridge graduates can predict your advanced liberal arts degree will be useless, but can they predict that a sudden financial collapse will render both that AND your professional degree worthless? Because if they can, I need to speak to them, oh, 18 months ago.

Doug said...

Dear Sarah,

I need more blog. I don't care if it's an LOL Manuscript or your random thoughts for the day. My blog levels are dangerously low...I'm seriously starting to feel weak. Blog me! Feed me a blog roll! Play "Danger Zone" because I'm Top Gun and I need some Kenny Bloggins! Too much law, not enough blog!

Desdemona said...

This is an amazing blog, I'm so hooked. You're clearly a genius in having figured out a way to channel random EEBO-surfing into a creative endeavor; I'm just jealous that I didn't think of it first! Of course, anyone who shares my attachment to Prince Rupert and his lascivious she-monkey is all right in my book...keep up the good "work!"

Anonymous said...

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