Sunday, June 8, 2008

London's Love, to the Royal Prince Henrie, 1610

I thought this was a pretty sweet picture of a ship. The publication chronicles a royal entertainment of a mock sea battle put on by the Navy on the River Thames:

"Vpon the Princes neere approche, way was made for his best and aptest entertainement, which by multitude of Boates and Bardges (of no vse, but only for desire of sight) was much impeached for a while, Till order being taken for the contrarie, the Princes Bardge accosted the Lord Maiors, where dutie entertayning on the one side, & Princely Grace most affably accepting on the other."

It was sort of like the reenactments that still go on today, but this one seems particularly lavish. Not only is there a battle against pirates and Turks, but at one point some chick is riding on a whale and giving speeches to the Prince, and then there are "verie rare and admirable Fire-workes." All in all, the entertainment was a scurvy-less success.

P.S. -- I did makeovers of Blake and Mayakovsky over at Literary Makeovers!!!


danielle said...

This one is going up in the cubicle for sure...I printed it out before I even read the whole entry.

Now it's time to take down this useless meeting schedule and phone list so I can make way for "The H.M.S. Scurvy."

Green_Street said...

Not only this picture, but all the others, too..

..are awesome. Something makes me feel that "LOL Manuscripts" is everything I ever looked for on the internet, during those long hours while you're batteling some librarian who refuses to hand out your manuscripts and condems you to the nearest computer.

Can I, like, marry you?

And I like the title. Really do. Maybe you could do some sister webiste, featuring "LOL Incunable"? I wish I could scan my manuscripts, you would have some fun with those.

Worried said...

Now you are getting marriage proposals?

I now know why you started this blog.

This has just been your way
of patrolling the internet for the ever elusive intellectual man.

Or, could it be you want to corner the market on frozen orange juice?

I just have to know!

Doug said...

Sarah, I'm going to have to beg you to decline your recent marriage proposal. Wedding-talk seems to be everywhere lately, and frankly it's got me a little worried.

Sarah Redmond said...

Don't worry...I don't think I'll marry anyone who bases their love for me on my lolmanuscripts; I'd never live up to myself. Unfortunately I'm much more interesting on the Internet.

meghan said...

Yes, Sarah, don't take any proposals you receive on LOLManuscripts (married bliss may interfere with your acerbic wit, and that wouldn't be good for anyone). But perhaps you can FACILITATE proposals through your blog-- wouldn't that be fun? I'm sure you could come up with the perfect post that would combine references to Roundheads, monstrous births, drunken animals, incest, and evil popes into something that would be the perfect vehicle for Doug to pop the question. He's only worried about proposal talk because he hasn't thought of the perfect way to do his own-- that's where you and the manuscripts come in!