Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Lamentable Burning of the Citty of Corke, 1622

Where's Jesus when you need him? The townspeople must not be praying and/or lamenting hard enough. Anyway, I liked this pamphlet because the city of Cork apparently had some bad mojo in the 1620s. A year earlier a bunch of Starlings all flew in and committed some kind of mass suicide (there's a ballad on that, too). Then lightning strikes and the city goes up in flames. I blame the Catholics...17th century disasters like this can usually be traced back to them.


Anonymous said...

The idea for this site is cute (and I mean that in only the most patronizing sense). But where's the funneh?

danielle said...

The "funneh" comes and goes, but the funny is always here.

Oh that's a bad retort. Sorry I'm lame Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I bet I'm the 33rd person to suggest this: LOLCuts.

Doug said...

#1: No competent internet user says, "the funneh." It is "teh funneh."

#2: If you were a flavor of ice cream, you'd be pralines and dick.

Meghan said...

It is just so CUTE when people leave dickish comments under the safe guise of "anonymous"! The internet(s) make so easy to be patronizing AND spineless. Hooray!

Sarah Redmond said...

LOLCuts...dammit, that's sort of great, even if it is too late.

Also: I got linked on Andrew Sullivan's blog over at The Atlantic Monthly, so people who are not you guys are actually reading this thing. It's terrible! No one seems to understand my target audience is exactly 4 people.

Curtana said...

I love your site, and I've been pimping it out to all my friends since I stumbled across it a few days ago - we've set up a syndication feed for LJ, too, and there are five whole people signed up for it, so there ;)

Cassidy said...

we ORIGINAL commentors (all 4 of us) do not like other people stamping all over our blog!

Kyle said...

You realize you're going to have to make a t-shirt of this....

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