Friday, February 22, 2008

Memento Mori image, 1690

This image is repeated through quite a few broadsides in the later 17th century. For the record, I think it's pretty fantastic, and would make quite a harrowing lower-back tattoo.

P.S. -- You are going to die, you know. Tick-tock.

P.P.S. -- I just found out people actually get memento mori lower back tattoos! All this time I thought they were relegated only to butterflies, but I've been proven wrong. Maybe reminding people of their mortality is easier to take if it's peeking out from low rider jeans. I imagine a typical scenario would go like this: "Oh dude, check out that chick! Wait, does she have a sexy tattoo? Try to read it!" [Reads it. Becomes depressed. Ponders the choices he's made in his life.]


Anonymous said...

WOW! deja vu! i was just thinking about death the other day, and i thought that it would make a great lower back tattoo!!! then, sarah, i called melanie and turns out this summer we're both gonna get the same lower back tattoo, except my words are gonna be red, and hers are gonna be blue!
then, we were going to get skull and crossbones bathing suits, leather jackets, a harley, and then invite bret micheals to come to the beach with us! you should come too!!!

Sarah Redmond said...

If you get this as a tattoo, Bret Michaels will fall instantly in love with you. He'd be all like, "whoa...that's deep. It makes me think about stuff like life and stuff. Will you stay in this house and continue to Rock My World?"

Then again, he might just ask you to take off your top.

meghan said...

I love memento moris! In fact, that's the only reason I'll be watching the Oscars tonight; they always do that memorial half-way through the show for the actors and actresses (and sometime lesser entities, like cinematographers and key grips and whatnot) who have died over the course of the year, and it never fails to grip with the awe-inspiring, horrifically beautiful sense of how fleeting my own existence is... I get really worked up over any grainy footage of silent film starlets, who are these ethereal black and white beauties on screen and who I know recently ended their lives as shrivelled up little old ladies. That's the only reason I cared about about the writer's strike, too-- if I didn't have my memento mori this year, I'm bound to think I'm invincible or some shit (plus Heath Ledger will be part of it! Sob!)

Doug said...

I have to add that I was not pleased with the addition of executives and agents to the memento mori this year. How far can we let the memento mori madness go? I think a solid rule of thumb should be that if they don't at least have five seconds of heart-warming footage from your young life, you don't evoke enough emotion to make it in the montage.
That's "heart-warming," by the way. If someone filmed you demanding your client get an extra $10 million and a trailer equipped with a Centipede arcade game, that's just not going to cut it.

danielle said...

So I think that if someone got this as a lower-back tat, then it could most definitely not be called a "tramp stamp."

On a side note, I think I'm going to print this out and add it to my growing collection of LOL Manuscripts in my cubicle. And it really will be a collection after this one, because then I'll have three up there.

The other day I had to explain the two up there already to my 60ish cubicle neighbor Carolyn, who then said she would have to come bug me more since I had interesting things in my cubicle.

KT said...

This is my wallpaper right now. Every time I feel stressed about how I'm not ever going to finish my thesis, I think about death and feel a lot better.

Mrs JH said...

Bahahahahah! I LOVE this, have come across the same image during my research, memento mori are the best :D would soooo get it tattooed on me- dont want to feel left out!