Saturday, October 27, 2007

Heraclitus Dream, 1642

I really have no idea what this broadside is about, but this is at the center of a huge image in which the sheep seem to have captured a shepherd, and other people and animals watch /point / laugh. I have no idea what any of this has to do with Heraclitus, "the weeping philosopher." I'd say it has more to do with Democritus! Because he was known as "the laughing philosopher!" Because it's funny! And mullets are funny! Ha ha ha!

People love my Greek philosopher jokes.

But seriously, according to William Marshall (the author), it's called Heraclitus Dream because it came upon him in "doleful meditation [and] Heraclitus used to weep much." According to Marshall, the Shepherd "signifieth ministers clipped of their good name, fame, and means by rude people, without authority, law, or reason." I like the fact that he had the dream and wrote a poem about it, and then at the bottom offers up a section called "The Author's Intent and Meaning by this Dream." You see, the dream wasn't about sheep at all -- they were SYMBOLIC of the proverbial Christian "fold" or "flock." I never would have guessed.


Doug said...

John 1:1 says that God is the Logos.

Heraclitus says that change comes from the Logos.

The picture depicts sheep giving someone a mullet.

Above the picture is a note pointing to Zechariah 13:7, which talks about God bringing a little Old Testament justice to some sheep for "taking the sword to the shepherd" (in the context of the picture this can be read as "giving the shepherd a mullet")

Basically, this picture means that God doesn't like mullets and if He catches you giving someone a mullet, there might be trouble.

Also, since God doesn't like mullets, that is not a change approved by the Logos (it was probably approved by SatanCat), which makes Heraclitus sad.

Now I'm sad, because I have to go back to studying comparative negligence.

meghan said...

I'm worried about Doug.

Sarah Redmond said...

I'm worried about Doug, too.

Although for sheer logical development, this may be the most sophisticated lolmanuscript comment I've read. I also really hope Doug had to look up those Bible verses...because I fear that there's a decent chance he knew them off the top of his head.