Monday, May 11, 2009

Walter Raleigh was on The Simpsons!

I don't normally tune in to The Simpsons, but last night I was flipping through and saw that the first 5 minute vignette of this episode was about Queen Elizabeth and Sir Walter Raleigh! Homer is Raleigh and Marge is Elizabeth Throckmorton. It was fantastic! Here's the episode:

The Simpsons 2020 - Four Great Women and a Manicure
I have always pictured King Phillip of Spain that way. Also, he had the best lines, like this one:

"Guard, take him away and put things inside of him."
"Nice things?"
"No, not nice things!"


Liza Blake said...

My favorite: Someone call Beowulf! Grendel got in again!

Sarah Redmond said...

That one was good. I sort of figured Moe was like Francis Walsingham maybe? Then again, this 5 minute cartoon might not have striven for total historical accuracy.

I also liked, "those uppity English food-boilers!"

naomi said...

Ahaha! Brilliant! Thanks for posting! Is the part where Homer/Raleigh and Marge/Bess are making out and Elizabeth gets all upset a reference to the ambiguous relationship between the queen and Bess in the film Elizabeth the Golden Age?

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