Monday, January 21, 2008

O Yes. If any Man or Woman any thing desire, 1630

I'm back!
O Yes!

Anyway, I get that the town crier is saying "O Yes" for whatever reason in accordance with his crying responsibilities, but it does look like he's just super stoked about finding the dog. I'm not even sure I needed to do anything to this image at all, as the town crier is really giving that pooch the ol' eye.


Cassidy said...

O no!

Meghan said...

Don't ever leave us again.

danielle said...

Just last week I was wondering to myself if you were ever going to post more LOL Manuscripts. ANd here you are, posting more and breaking up the monotony of my work day.

Doug said...

I waited so long for LOLManuscripts to return, and then I didn't have time to post comments! I will now spend the rest of the day self-flagellating and commenting.

Delila said...

Well said.