Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hocus Pocus Iunior The anatomie of legerdemain: or, the art of jugling, 1634

Full Title: Hocus Pocus Iunior The anatomie of legerdemain· or, the art of iugling set forth in his proper colours, fully, plainely, and exactly, so that an ignorant person may thereby learne the full perfection of the same, after a little practise.



Doug said...

17th Century manuscripts always mindfreak me

Sarah Redmond said...

Mindfreak!! That's the word I was trying to think of! It's like a show on tv, right?

Instead I just wrote "Hokis Pokis", but I think I might have to make a change. You will not receive credit, however.

Doug said...

Yes, "Mindfreak" is the show that features "magician" Criss (yes, that's actually how you spell his first name) Angel.

In English department circles, however, you might have heard people talking about "Mind Explosion!" the Human Giant spoof. If you didn't watch Human Giant, you seriously need to download every episode right now.

Sarah Redmond said...

Criss Angel...I kept searching David Blain. And I have started watching the Human Giant. Good stuff!